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1900 East Linden Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
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+1 908-587-9820

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  • Maurice Hendrickson
    Mar, 19 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    1. Called at 5:16pm to find out what time auto department closes.
    2. Was told 7pm.
    3. Can I get tire rotation & balance today? Yes they say if it's before 7pm
    4. Arrived at store at 5:40pm and was told by auto personnel they had the last car of the day already inside and it needed 2 front tires.
    5. How can they already have the last car of the inside already? It's now 5:40pm you mean to tell me you can't take my car in? Yes he says and we close at 6pm. Again I said it's 5:40pm and I had called customer service to verfiy what time this department closes.
    6. I asked to speak to a manager at 5:40pm.
    7. Auto goes somewhat to look for manager.
    8. About 2 minutes later he comes back with no manager.
    9. So I wait and wait and wait and wait....
    10. 20min goes by I ask for him to call manager again (mind you I'm standing there right at the counter for the 20min). Not like he was volunteering to call manager again!
    10. After processing the person that needed the front tires he goes into the auto bays never to be seen again.
    11. I felt as he hoped I would just go away...
    12. 6:10pm still no manager I sit down and go to the Sam's customer feedback website to voice my discontent.
    13. 6:25pm I see someone that might be a manager over at customer service. So I leave auto department walk over to customer service and ask if he's a manager. (Because no one was coming to me being left for dead. In other words I had to find a manger MYSELF! )
    14. I told him the take of his I arrived at 5:40pm only to be told we can't see you today. I explained about my call to customer service at 5:16pm being told that auto department closes at 7pm.
    15. I use this term loosely... This manger proceeds to tell me there's nothing he can do... Yes they close at 7pm but it depends on their workload...(once again I said I got here at 5:40pm there was one car ahead of me that needed 2 front tires) WHAT DOES 6 & 7PM HAVE TO DO WITH ME I'M HERE AT 5:40PM!! I SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE SEEN!!
    16. So said "manager" good into the back to "see" what kind of workload they had...
    17. Miraculously my car was able to be seen!
    18. It only took a 35min wait to see/find a manger and a 52min wait to get my car into the auto bays!
    19. BJ's looking pretty good right about now.
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